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May 16, 2006



Man, I love that idea. Have you read the speech by Paul Graham at Xtech 2006? It talks about why certain cities in the US are bastions of brains and money (which means you get startups).

However US-centric his speech was, it still brings up an important point: smart people are attracted, and want to work with, other smart people. Therefore, the best universities generally get better and have better students.

What if you had that kind of a center grow up somewhere within Africa? Could a catalyst for it be traveling "big name" professors?

NOTE: Your blog wouldn't let me post a link, try this (taking out the spaces): http:// xtech_2006_paul_graham_how_american_are_startups.php


Thanks for the link, Hash. Interesting comment about universities as centers of excellence. There are some African universities that fall in that category. The challenge is to connect university researchers with local industries where their expertise is needed (the old RD&D puzzle). Technology parks might be one way of doing this...

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