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February 17, 2007


Jeff Wolfe

CitizenRE has had ample time to bring transparency to their issues. Instead, we've just seen repitition and promises. After I wrote the RE Insider column, Rob Styler commented on it with a bunch of "Answers" to my questions. In fact, I had received the exact same communication prior to finalizing the article, as can be seen by the fact that I quoted from it (near the end, the quote about a "quantum leap").
In the Renewable Energy Access podcast released Thursday, David Gregg, CitizenRE CEO, reiterated that their plant would be operational in September 2007. Since they have no plant site selected, no permits for construction, this becomes impossible. Manufacturing plants do not go from ground-breaking to production in 7 months. Ask anyone with construction knowledge. (I was in large building construction for 15 years.) Further, PV manufacturing equipment has 12 months and higher lead times.
CitizenRE has had sufficient time, and certainly sufficient stage, to address these issues. The time for "wait and see" is over. It is now time for them to either modify their business plan to be real and able to delier what they promise, or to fold it up and go away.

Jeff Wolfe, CEO


Thanks for your thoughtful comments, Jeff. i am quite surprised that CitizenRE did not anticipate and have convincing answers ready for obvious questions like those you and several others are raising. Especially seeing as renewable energy is such a hot topic in these times of general insecurity concerning oil.

robert veach

"Citizenre seems to be at the center of a major storm"

Your right, and it will change the carbon footprint of thousands of Americans.

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