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January 20, 2007


John Woodfield

I am a surgeon who will soon be joining the staff at Kalene Hospital.This project is central to plans to upgrade the hosptial. It will enable the hospital to use 24 hour power, which is essential for much of the medical equipment. Kalene Hosptial is linked to a series of other hosptials in Zambia and DCR. It is hoped that the renovated hosptial can be used as a training base to benefit not just the Kalene area but these other hosptials also.

Ryan Shen-Hoover

Very interesting. Many thanks for posting!

David L. Grant

A wonderful, inspiring story! You and other like-minded visionaries who carry on this work all over the planet are deserving of the world's praise and limitless support. If the governments of the world gave you all, as a group, one twentieth of what they spend on their militaries, we would soon be on our way to a much better world!

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