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June 17, 2007



Wow, that's some really interesting news! I hope that the "New Sudan" can be successful. All I've known my whole life is the war torn country of my youth.

I really want to see/hear more stories of growth from Sudan.


My thoughts exactly, Hash. Not only for Sudan, but from all over the continent. Speaking of which, you might want to visit the following link for some more news from Sudan: The Sudan.Net News site for example provides a relatively balanced coverage of current events in the country.

But i hope those reading this don't get the wrong first impression: i am by no means an apologist for whatever the Sudanese government may have done or failed to do about Darfur. i want lasting peace in Dafur as much as i want a more balanced picture of what is happening in Sudan or anywhere in Africa--and the world-for that matter.

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