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February 20, 2008



Bravo indeed! I am inspired by the story and truly wish her the best.Will amplify it abit more on my blog.
Kudos again.

PS: Welcome back.

Gambia Holiday News

A great post and a job well done


Thanks for the comment, Juliana. It is indeed good to be back. Looking forward to reading your amplifications :)


Ms. Kathryn Cunningham comes from a family of revolutionary mountain-movers. I was blessed to have an opportunity to serve under her grandparents, Dan and Polly Cunningham of Lumberton, N.C. A long time ago, they actually sold their possessions and moved far away. This enabled them to serve the needs of others more effectively; and have since made a lasting, major impact for the school systems of N.C. and etc. Please prayerfully support this family's worthy causes. They are on a mission that is gaining ongoing momentum.. how exciting to be part of something that is truly creating a "brighter" world for everyone!

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