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February 24, 2008


Geoff Pound

Thanks for your good post.

I have written an article on the Masdar initiative which takes a different approach from yours:


Kyle Laursen

I am an urban planner and writer. I was the first to articulate and define the solar city vision at Sonoma State University in 1996. The vision statement was sent to many American graduate schools of Urban Planning and Landscape Architecture. And the vision statement was published again in the Desert Sun (1999)and the CarFree Times (2002).

In 2002, Joel Crawford (editor of the CarFree Times), and I contacted Foster and Partners, because I felt the firm's use of the term solar city for a housing project in Frieburg, Germany was a misnomer.

Kudos to Foster for carrying out the world's first solar city, but it was not his vision.

I have written a manifesto on solar cities that is a syntheses of my research since 1996. I would like this piece to reach a large audience and I am actively seeking a publisher.

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